Mercedes Benz GLC F-Cell

2018-GLC-F-CELL-FUTURE-HIGHLIGHTS_01-D.jpgder the new EQ Power designation, Mercedes-Benz is developing the vehicles and products that will fuel tomorrow’s emissions-free drive. The latest development? The GLC F-Cell, the world´s first electric vehicle with a hybrid fuel-cell / battery powertrain.

Presented via preproduction models at the IAA International Motor Show in Frankfurt, the GLC F-Cell runs on two sources of power: hydrogen and electricity. By combining innovative, compact fuel-cell technology with a plug-in lithium-ion battery, the GLC F-Cell provides everyday practicality while enabling long-distance travel.

The GLC F-Cell also offers great flexibility in how it´s driven, with four different modes taking maximum advantage of each power source depending on the circumstances. In Hybrid mode, for example, the vehicle draws on both sources, with power peaks handled by the battery and the fuel cell contributing to optimum efficiency. In F-Cell mode, the hydrogen fuel cell provides all the power, allowing drivers to keep the electric range in reserve. Battery mode and Charge mode enable further efficiencies. With the ability to plug in and charge and with fast refuel times, the GLC F-Cell provides maximum options with no emissions whatsoever.

As forward-looking as the vehicle is, it is also distinctly Mercedes-Benz, with no touch spared when it comes to comfort, safety, quality and design. In fact, the new technology contributes here as well. For example, excess heat from other components is used to balance climate control in cooler temperatures. The rear provides all the space you´d expect from an SUV. And an exclusive wood-trim interior plus wool and linen fabric covers give the GLC F-Cell an elegant ambience all its own.

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